Graphite and Statsd with Ansible

- 1 min

Graphite + Statsd + Ansible what more do I need to say? Probably quite a bit, but I just got around to writing an Ansible playbook to install Graphite and Statsd! View the code on github.

Throughout the process of creating this playbook, I’ve been using digital ocean for quick and speedy provisioning. I highly recommended checking them out if you haven’t heard about them, how can you not want SSD backed storage? It also looks like with Ansible 1.4, there is an update to the digital ocean module adding a ‘unique_name’ parameter to support creating idempotent playbooks, something I’ll need to revisit.

Stay tuned to future posts, I plan on talking more about statistical, logging, graphing and alerting tools in future posts.

Thoughts or comments? Please share below…

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